Liste de produits par fabricant Keptin-jr

Keptin-Jr is a Dutch company that focuses on the development of cuddly toys.

Product development

Keptin-Jr develops all its cuddly toys itself. We do this in cooperation with experts, like universities and colleges in the fields of product development and applied psychology; but also with other partners, like crèches, schools and hospitals, who help us to develop knowledge about the relation between humans and their cuddles. In doing so we can connect our products exactly to the cuddling needs of their users. A vital guideline for our product development is safety. Are the cuddly toys strong enough? Does a cuddly toy offer enough possibilities for playing with? Do the cuddles meet all legal requirements – and more? Keptin-Jr guarantees its products are top quality by continuously reviewing and improving its product development processes, meaning our cuddly toys just get better and better.


A good cuddly toy stands or falls with the use of material. Soft fabrics and friendly colors turn the cuddly toy into a safe best friend. The touch of the materials we are using is very pleasurable and meet rigorous standards for both safety and quality. Furthermore, these materials are produced in a sustainable way. Keptin-Jr personally selects the materials for its cuddles at distinguished suppliers. The production of cuddly toys is a speciality and one we control down to the smallest details. We have excellent relations with several production partners, mainly inside the EU. These partners produce our cuddly toys according to the strict specifications given by Keptin-Jr, from by Keptin-Jr approved materials. Each cuddly toy is checked very stringently. Only when it is 100% approved will it be packed and find its way to the customer.

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Résultats 1 - 3 sur 3.
Résultats 1 - 3 sur 3.